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Direct Instruction

Our Direct Instruction model provides a traditional school setting for student who are more successful with attending classes every day, completing work from textbooks & other tangible materials at the teacher's pace.

Direct Instruction with Cyber Lab:  This model allows our students to spend their day at school and may have one ON SITE course working at their own pace for a scheduled period each day.  Each student working in the Cyber Lab may be working on a different course.  There is a teacher in the Cyber Lab for individual support to meet the needs of every student.  The benefit of this model allows students to complete an occasional class independently with support at hand.

Direct Instruction with Independent Study: This model allows students to spend their day at school and have the option of taking a course OFF SITE.  The benefit of this model it provides students an opportunity to take classes beyond what is already offered at their school with the flexibility of completing one course remotely.