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Student Handbook




The school nurse is scheduled to be at Ocean Shores one-half day a week and is on call daily. Students are encouraged to seek assistance for any injury or illness.  All accidents or injuries must be reported immediately to the school office.


Students are responsible for all items checked out to them.  Lost, stolen, or defaced items must be promptly replaced.  Grades, transcripts, and diplomas may be withheld from students with unpaid bills.

Identification Cards

All students will be issued a free identification card.  This card must be in students’ possession at all times.  It should never be loaned.  If the card is lost or stolen, it should be reported to the office.  Replacement cards will be issued for a fee of $1.00.

Lost and Found

Found articles should be turned in to the school office immediately.

Telephones/Cell Phones

Students are able to use the school office phone during break times or after the school day.  Cell phone use is permitted on campus before school and during break times.  Cell phones will be confiscated if they are used or if they ring in the classroom.  (First offense – phone returned after school; second offense – parent picks up; third offense – loss of privilege).  Consequences may be imposed for continued defiance.

Student Employment

Students who are employed and under the age of 18 must obtain an application for a work permit.  The Work Experience teacher is available to discuss problems related to work and to assist students in earning work experience credit.  The work permit is a privilege and may be revoked due to poor attendance and/or academic status.

School Medication Procedures

State legislation provides that pupils who are required to take either prescribed or non-prescribed medications during the school day must be assisted by the school nurse or other designated school personnel.  All medications and inhalers are to be kept in the school office unless otherwise stated by the physician.


No unauthorized person is to be on or about the grounds during the school day unless they have been cleared with the school office.  Students will not be permitted to bring friends or siblings to school.



There is a direct relationship between good school attendance and academic success. Not only is it a key factor in becoming a responsible, self-directed adult, it is the law that students are to be in school every day.

Students should be in school on time daily.

Medical and other appointments should be scheduled after the school day.


Absence Policy

1.     Absences must be cleared within three days of the absence.

2.     Absences not cleared will be recorded as unexcused.



Reporting Absences Procedures

1.     The parent/guardian is encouraged to phone the attendance office on the day of the student’s absence (760-901-8601 or 760-901-8600 between 7:00 - 3:00 pm)

2.     The parent/guardian may send a note to school with the student instead of a phone call.  For information required, see #3.

3.     Information required of the parent/guardian:

Name of student

Name of parent/guardian and relationship to student

Reason for absence

Date(s) of absence

Telephone number where parent/guardian can be reached


Tardy/Truancy Policy

The Ocean Shores tardy policy allows for two tardies on each time card (four-week period) without penalty.  For each tardy after the second, the student must serve detention.  Each truancy will result in a two-hour detention.  Failure to serve may result in additional detention time, in-school suspension, or suspension from school.  Teacher/advisors will inform students of detentions.


Change of Address and/or Telephone Number

The school must have current, accurate records on all of our students in case of emergencies and for school mailings.  Address or telephone changes must be reported immediately to the school office.


Checkout Procedure

If transferring to a new school, a parent should give at least a one-day notice to the front office.  When all books and supplies have been returned and any outstanding fees paid, the school will give a copy of the withdrawal grades and immunization records to the student.  These will be required when the student enrolls in a new school.  Students returning to El Camino and Oceanside High Schools may do so only at the end of each semester and only if the student has maintained good attendance and conduct, made up deficient credits, and maintained a 1.75 GPA.  Students wishing to transfer to CBA Academic Recovery Center may transfer at any time during the school-year.



The Ocean Shores code of conduct and dress is designed to assist students REACH FOR SUCCESS by being Responsible, Self-directed Adults who are Healthy Individuals and Collaborative Workers.

1.  Students will be respectful toward other students and staff members at all times.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

2.   Students are not to wear clothing which compromises safety or modesty or which is disruptive to the educational process.  Students will be asked to remove or change garments or accessories that are determined by a school official to be disruptive or dangerous.  These items include:

     Clothing that promotes tobacco, drugs, alcohol or other inappropriate slogans, labels, or insignias.

     Tops that expose bare midriffs, undershirts, sleeveless jerseys (unless another shirt is worn underneath).

     Tops and/or bottoms that allow undergarments to be exposed (underwear, bras, etc.).

     Jewelry, clothing, or clothing accessories which could be used as weapons.

3.  Students may wear baseball-style hats in order to protect themselves from the sun. Hats with gang-related symbols or inappropriate insignias may not be worn at school. Hats may be worn out-of-doors only—they may not be worn in classrooms or the office.

4.   Possession of any weapon, including laser pointers, is grounds for expulsion.

5.  Controlled substances, alcohol or tobacco products are not to be brought on campus.

6.  Smoking is prohibited at all times on the school campus.  Alternative to Suspension, or home suspension may be the consequence for violation(s) of school policy.

7.  A student engaged in a fight or a violent act, any attempt to harm someone, or any threat by a student to harm another person will result in a five-day home suspension for the first offense.  A conference with the parents will be held and a clear warning will be given that a second act of violence will result in a recommendation to expel the student.  The second act or threat of violence will also result in a five-day home suspension, and the student will not be allowed to attend school until an expulsion meeting can be held.  The expulsion meeting may, at the principal’s discretion, result in a recommendation for expulsion.  It should also be noted that a first offense may be deemed serious enough to recommend expulsion.

 8.  Students who deface school property will be required to pay for damages and may be suspended for their actions.

 9.  Students are not to loiter in the parking lot or in front of school near the Ocean Shores High School sign.

10.  Gang activity on campus or at a school-sponsored activity will result in a minimum five-day home suspension.  Gang activity may include, but is not limited to, mad dogging, flashing colors or signs, whistling, gang paraphernalia, writing or possessing gang graffiti, running to or from gang activity, or inciting a confrontation.  These offenses are determined at the discretion of the administration.

11.  OCEAN SHORES IS A CLOSED CAMPUS.  Students may not leave during the school day without special permission.

12.  On-campus student parking is a privilege, subject to school regulations, which may be revoked at any time.  In order to park on campus student's must provide a copy of their license, registration and current proof of insurance to Mr. Gomez.



Child Care & Parenting Program for Teen Parents

Support services for teen parents include child development and parenting classes, no-cost child care, personal and vocational guidance, mentoring, and a parenting support group.  If you are a teen mom or dad, please see Mrs. Yasukochi, child care supervisor.

Career Planning

OSHS has a Career Guidance Technician, Ms. Rhine, who assists students with career exploration and planning.  On-site speakers, presentations and career days are planned regularly.  Students also attend job shadow days, career days and job fairs at local colleges and communities.

Interquest Canine Program

Drug-detection dogs are on campus at random intervals as part of our drug-free schools program.

Student Leadership

Leadership opportunities include participation in the Student Leadership program, and School Site Council.  



Mr. Gomez, Counselor, assist students in academic planning and personal development.  Individual appointments with a school psychologist are available upon request.  The career guidance technician, Mrs. Rhine, works with students to identify career choices and prepare for employment as well as assists with FAFSA applications for those wishing to continuing their education.  Every effort is made to involve students in furthering their education and/or vocational training. 


Students are encouraged to work toward a high school diploma by graduating from an Oceanside Unified School District high school, an Oceanside Unified School District Academic Recovery Center, or an accredited adult education program.  Students returning to El Camino and Oceanside High Schools may do so only at the end of each semester and only if the student has maintained good attendance and conduct, made up deficient credits, and maintained a 1.75 GPA.

Credits Required for Graduation from OUSD – Ocean Shores High School



OSHS Credit Requirement






History / Social Science




Contemporary Living


Foreign Language


Fine or Practical Arts


Physical Education







Student Evaluation

Report Cards are issued at the end of each quarter.  A progress report is sent home every approximately every 6 weeks.  

Students will be given every opportunity to succeed academically at Ocean Shores High School.  Smaller class size, more individual attention, and after-school tutoring are provided.  Students who continue to make no attempt at improvement in attendance and fail to make necessary progress in academic achievement will be subject to being disenrolled from Ocean Shores and recommended for placement at an alternative setting.