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Surfside Academy High

Surfside Academy’s Independent Study program at the high school level (grades 9-12) includes an online curriculum provided by APEX as well as the option to learn from text. While students are in class, they work most often, independently on computers. They will also meet with the teacher one-on-one, weekly, to check progress and receive a weekly progress report for parents to sign. The teacher is available on a daily basis to assist students via phone, email, in person or via video chat platform

Students are enrolled in four academic core courses - History/Social Studies, Mathematics, English/Language Arts, Science, and Electives.  We offer three schedule options to students.  Students will follow one of the schedules described below:

  • M, T, W, Th, F – attend a 2-hour block (options are: 7:30-9:30, 9:30-11:30, or 12-2) on campus daily. 
  • Customize the student schedule to allow for more or less time on campus to suit your needs. 
  • Pure distance/virtual plan with a weekly check in with the student's teacher via Zoom or other video chat platform. 

In complement to our individually designed academic program we also provide access to our on-site Palomar Family Counselor for support when & where it is needed. 

We welcome parents to assist & participate in their children's learning. Students who have an IEP or 504 should refer to the FAQs. Additionally, we offer breakfast and lunch for our students. For additional information regarding our program and/or registration information please contact Wendy Kroenke at 

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